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What Is Restless Leg Syndrome? (Symptoms, Causes, Treatment Options)

Around bedtime, do you ever find yourself fighting the distracting and overpowering urge to move your legs or feet to get relief from itching, burning, or a creepy-crawly feeling? Do you have trouble getting comfortable in bed and find it impossible to get into the right position to drift off to sleep? Perhaps your legs burn and tickle—not on the skin, but deeper inside.

Symptoms of a Sleep Disorder That You May Have Missed

Sleep Disorders affect over 70 Million Americans Sleep disorders are not rare.  They are actually common and many may actually suffer from a sleep disorder or other sleep issue and not even be aware of it.   Signs of a Sleep Disorder or Sleep Issue Taking longer than 30 minutes to fall asleep Feeling tired or irritable during the day even though you got seven to eight hours of sleep Waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to fall back asleep Needing long naps

Restless Leg Syndrome

Do You Have RLS?  One of the biggest factors with RLS is a feeling that you need to move your legs that you cannot help.  This is accompanied with uncomfortable feelings that include creeping, itching, pulling, creepy-crawly, tugging, or gnawing.  RLS may also include movement of your legs that can inturrupt your night's sleep.  These movements are known as PLMS and can occure every 20 to 30 minutes. 

Article Find of the Week!

Article of the Week This week we're going to be going over RLS.  RLS stands for restless leg syndrome.  This week's article gives you an overview of RLS and more great info.   Read this week's article here! 


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